Robotic orthopedic systems

Phantom Neuro’s unprecedented machine control system unlocks the full potential of robotic orthopedic systems – to help people with limb deficits regain full control over their lives. 

Implantable Sensor

The Phantom X features an innovative low-profile implantable sensor device equipped with embedded electronics. The device is designed to be minimally invasive and low-risk for a simple outpatient implantation procedure similar to an average cosmetic procedure.

Mobile Experience

The Phantom X seamlessly syncs with commercially available robotics, providing them with precise control.

Artificial Intelligence

Muscle signals are converted into control outputs via proprietary signal processing and machine learning software. The Phantom X is built for quick processing without a perceivable delay from “intention” to “prosthetic action”.

Robotic Devices

Modern-day robotic systems can perform an array of individual movements. The Phantom X takes these capabilities to the next level by enabling commands in real-time to drive the execution of robotic movements based on the exact intentions of the user.

Why it matters

Improving lives for amputees and the elderly

Innovation in robotic orthopedic solutions has remained sidelined, leaving individuals with limb differences to rely on centuries-old solutions. Today’s robotics are capable of impressive functionality – but humans still lack the means of controlling life-like movement with high accuracy and precision in a real-world environment. Reliance on archaic solutions leaves patient outcomes largely unchanged in conjunction with rising medical costs, comorbid diseases, and compensatory injuries. 

Innovation of The Phantom X will extend to users with limb indifference, elderly lower limb instability and human augmentation, improving outcomes with respect to their physical function, mental health, life expectancy, and independence.


upper limb amputees


lower limb amputees


Elderly over 65

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