Future-driven neurotechnology

Phantom Neuro is a future-driven neurotechnology company, spun out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We are creating the world’s first minimally invasive muscle-machine interface for control of robotic prosthetic limbs, robotic exoskeletons, and beyond.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between modern-day robotics and individuals with limb differences.

Phantom Neuro’s team is comprised of the best and brightest minds at the forefront of medical innovation. The combination and our team’s unique backgrounds and our user-centric decision making furthers our mission to enhance people’s lives.

Leadership Team

Connor Glass
Connor Glass President & CEO
D.A. Wallach
D.A. Wallach Director
Ed Michael
Ed Michael Director

Technical Advisors

Sami Tuffaha, MD Director of Nerve Surg
Tom Oxley, MD, PhD Founder & CEO: Synchron
Geoff Ling, MD, PhD Founding Director: DARPA BTO
Nitish Thakor, PhD
Nitish Thakor, PhD Director of Laboratory for Neuroengineering: Johns Hopkins
Josh Duyan
Josh Duyan Former CSO: CTRL labs

Limb Injury Advisors

Olivia Jackson
(Upper Limb Amputee)
Former Hollywood Stuntwoman

Johnny Matheny
(Upper Limb Amputee)
Professional Bionics Research Participant

Nick Lavery
(Lower Limb Amputee)
Green Beret, Author, Motivational speaker

Clint Trial
(Bilateral Lower Limb Amputee)
Former Special Forces, Current Board of Black Rifle Coffee

Sam Cila Upper
(Limb Amputee)
Former Special Forces, Current Motivational Speaker, Ironman, and Competitive Weightlifter

Steve Arne
(Lower Limb Amputee)
Former Air Force Pilot, Avid runner


We have currently raised $9.5 million in seed funding from institutional and strategic investors, including: 

Lead Investor Series Seed 2
Lead Investor Series Seed

Risk & Return Ventures

If you’re passionate about transforming lives, we’d love to hear from you.

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